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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Cyclist Rides from Washington to California to Advocate for a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes

There is no formal blog post this month as I am completing the inaugural Russell Ride, which is just shy of 900 miles in eight days, to raise awareness and money to cure Type 1 Diabetes. I chose this challenge in March because of the depressing actions of the Trump presidency and my desire to do something positive. Riding a lot of fifty mile rides has helped my morose attitude. You can see my rides with this link to the Ride with GPS site, where I am listed as healthpolicymaven:

 I have logged over 1,000 miles in training rides just in the last 21 rides, with 69,764 feet elevation gain. Riding 100 miles a day should not be too difficult, assuming there isn't a strong headwind, but I have overcome that before. So far, the only media that seems interested in the event is the Napa Register, which is the local paper for the end destination. I will be speaking with people along the way, spreading the word about Benaroya Research's work on gene editing and trying to cure Type 1 Diabetes.

Thanks to all of the local people in Bremerton who shared their experiences about diabetes and contributed to the ride. I will carry your stories with me like ephemeral blessings.

Though I started this ride as a way to distract from the fear mongering and negative actions of the current administration, it seems Trump has managed to become a real potentate of evil, stripping children, including infants, from their mother's breasts at the border. Not to mention dropping out of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, one of only three other nations to do so. Thus, I will unplug for eight days and ride for my brother Russell and my nephew Jeremy, and everyone else who has Type 1 Diabetes.

Please share this on your social media pages, as I have not met my fundraising goal yet and though I had originally envisioned doing this ride with others, it is a solo, unsupported ride. Some of my readers have contributed, but more are needed.

And this is the healthpolicymaven signing off encouraging you not to sign generic release forms when you are at a medical facility and do stipulate that for which you agree and that for which you do not.